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What Does It Mean When a House is Under Contract?

By Cynthia Ohabuiro | Comments Off

    What does it mean when a house is under contract? If you plan to buy or sell a house, both parties must understand the term, especially if it’s a first-time home trading transaction. Most homeowners, home buyers, and sellers leave this process to their agents because real estate agents typically cater to such…

Disadvantages of Seller Paying Closing Costs

By Cynthia Ohabuiro | Comments Off

Selling a property is a complex and expensive process, even when the seller expects to make a profit. Closing costs, which include fees, charges, and commissions, make selling a house even more costly than buying one. Both buyers and sellers pay these costs on the closing date of the home-buying process. While it may seem…

Water Mitigation: All that You Need to know in 2023

By Cynthia Ohabuiro | Comments Off

Water damage can devastate your residential or commercial property, leading to expensive restoration costs. In fact, the Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates that restoring damage caused by just one inch of floodwater can cost up to $25,000. If you reside in a flood zone near a river or coastal line, it is crucial to have…

How to Attract a Cash Buyer for your Home

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In the current real estate market, finding a cash buyer for your home can be an excellent way to sell your property quickly and efficiently. As a result, they can often close a deal much faster than a traditional buyer and with fewer contingencies. Attracting a cash buyer for your home requires a targeted approach…

Things to Know Before You Sell Your House for Cash

By Cynthia Ohabuiro | Comments Off

  Homeowners who want to sell their homes for cash are concerned about how it can reduce the home-buying timeline and expedite closing. Because they may sell their home as-is and save the trouble of painting, staging, fixing, or renovating, other home sellers prefer cash offers. Maybe you’ve found your dream job, but you have…

Can you Sell a house with a Mortgage?

By Cynthia Ohabuiro | Comments Off

  When you sell a house that you still owe money on, the proceeds from the sale will be used to pay off the outstanding mortgage balance. If there is a remaining balance after paying off the mortgage, the homeowner will receive the remaining funds. If the sale price is not enough to fully pay…

What Upgrades Increase Home Value?

By Cynthia Ohabuiro | Comments Off

    Home improvements are geared towards increasing your home value. If you’re selling your house for the first, this may be one of the top questions on your mind. Some homeowners believe they’d need to carry out general home improvement projects to give their home a selling privilege. Not all home renovations are created…

What Not To Fix When Selling A House

By Cynthia Ohabuiro | Comments Off

  Not only is the real estate market competitive, people in the housing business often feel compelled to undertake ‘upgrade’ programs to gain an advantage over their competitors. For a buyer, it may not be all that necessary to compete with other buyers except when it could be in the aspect of who is more…

Home Selling Checklist: Things To Do Before Selling

By Cynthia Ohabuiro | Comments Off

Home Selling Checklist: Things To Do Before Selling   Topping your to-do list, especially in the new year, is to sell your house. While you may be set to take on all the tasks that come with it, you must ensure that time and money are well covered. In some cases, renovating your home may…

Should I Sell My House Now or Wait?

By Cynthia Ohabuiro | Comments Off

Should I Sell My House Now or Wait? In today’s housing market, to say for sure if now is the time to sell or wait to sell your house will not only depend on the current market condition now; you will also need to evaluate your own personal situation, especially the reason why you want…

How to Sell a House without a Realtor

By Cynthia Ohabuiro | Comments Off

  To sell your house, you need all the necessary information you can get to make the journey seamless: when to list and sell, where you want to move to, and how much money you hope to make, especially because you are looking to sell your house without a realtor. No realtor minding your business;…

What Happens to a Condemned House?

By Cynthia Ohabuiro | Comments Off

    What Happens to a Condemned House?   Depending on the severity of the problems, a home that has been designated as condemned is automatically deemed unfit for human habitation because of code and safety violations (other times, because the property has become a safety hazard) by a government entity or local housing authority.…

Selling Your House As Is: What Sellers Need to Know

By Cynthia Ohabuiro | Comments Off

    Selling your house as-is can be a good option if you want to save money, save time and resources and avoid repair costs, or if you’re in a rush to sell and want to avoid the hassle of dealing with contractors. Selling as-is means, you’re willing to sell the property in its current…

Companies that Buy houses for Cash

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Companies that buy houses for cash are also known as “house flipping companies” or “we buy houses companies.” Typically, they buy directly from owners, frequently for cash, and either sell or convert them to rental properties. House buying companies often target homeowners who are facing financial difficulties, are behind on their mortgage payments, or simply…

How To Sell Your House Faster

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If you are worried about how to sell your house faster, then you should understand there’s the traditional route of selling your house with a realtor, and there’s the fast route. Which do you want to take? If you want to sell your house faster, avoid realtor commissions, get a fair all-cash offer, and have…

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